Planet Express (WIP)

Personal level design project to recreate a playable area of the Planet Express building from Futurama using Unreal Engine 4.

The aim of this project is to hone in on my level creation skills and give myself more experience in importing environment assets and characters into UE4. I aim to create blueprints for objects in the world that the user can interact with (doors, elevators, TV etc.), as well as at least one character from the cartoon.


Using the building layout along with reference images from the show, I blocked out the main shell of the hangar and immediate rooms in Max and then used them as a guide for building walls and floors in UE4. During construction in UE4, I tweaked the size of the walls and doorframes etc. to be a suitable size for gameplay.

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Once the shells of the rooms and doorways were created, I made a simple blueprint for automatic sliding doors.

Door1 Door2

The blueprint shows that when the user overlaps a trigger box in front of the door, the two panels open fast enough to allow the user to run through the door without stopping. The speed also mimics how the doors behave in the show.

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